Ignite Raleigh 3

11 Things You Should Know About Raleigh | Ignite Raleigh 3

Last time I did Ignite Raleigh I have to admit I was more nervous than I was this time around.  There is no doubt that practice makes perfect and it helps your confidence when you have 20 slides and 5 minutes in front of 500+ to speak your peace!

I want to thank Ignite Raleigh crew (@therab, @timarthur, @damondnollan, @lisasullivan) for selecting me to speak on this topic that I had a lot of fun with.  I really had a great time on stage and enjoyed doing Ignite Raleigh again.  I highly recommend this to anyone that is passionate or just plain excited about their interests and culture.  I met so many people for the first time that night as well as connected with some of the best people Raleigh has to offer and good friends!

If only State had held on to beat Duke that night!

  • Loved your topic! Well, I heart Raleigh so it’s a no-brainer but I learned things from your presentation I didn’t know about – like the bar scene in Bull Durham was filmed at Mitch’s tavern. Very cool! But, really, thank YOU for taking the stage again and sharing your passion for our community. We look forward to your next speech! :)

  • Thanks Lisa! I wanted to uncover a few nooks and crannies that have gotten lost in all the large aggregated reports from Money, Forbes, Inc. magazines.  Ya’ll pulled off another great event, congrats!