WordPress vs. Joomla vs. Drupal Infographic

With the choices in open source content management systems (CMS) this infographic from Devious Media compares WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. I’ve used WordPress and Joomla to build sites and found both of them robust with many features available. WordPress I favor for its greater ease of use and wealth of plugins and available knowledge base on the web. I’ve only dipped my toe very reluctantly into Drupal and found it to be more complex than I’m willing to invest. It seems to be a strong platform for ecommerce as well as custom applications. If you choose Drupal you want to get a professional. Even entering data into the system seems a bit spooky to me. Joomla has a flexible framework but I found the plugins to be cumbersome and not perform as well as expected. Some of the Joomla sites I built a few years ago have been migrated to WordPress. Overall as you can probably tell I’m a big WordPress fan.

Open source CMS platform comparison
Source: Devious Media

  • good to see that i’ve chosen the right opensource CMS to invest my time and effort with. very informative infographic. thanks for sharing.

  • No problem, glad that it was helpful!

  • You failed to include the customization factor. 

  • True but there are many facets to customization. Depending on your level of comfort around PHP and HTML I’ve found WordPress very easy to customize, Joomla second and Drupal is definitely for developers!

  • DaveN

    I like the visual representation as such, but find it lacking information. For example, it looks like anyone can use wordpress, but in fact it takes efforts to set up the site yourself, even with WP. This is one thing.

    One more thing, if you feel you did choose the wrong platform for the project (or just need something more simple/powerful/advanced) there are plenty of ways to move the data and switch. I recently tried using
    importer plugins and a web tool http://www.cms2cms.com – both work great to move Joomla to WordPress, and you can do the same with Drupal, so I think the issue of choice is not so important as it used to be now

    Another thing, all of these CMSs are leaders, winners, the best of the best.Why compare them when the matter lies in choosing the best for a specific project?

  • Thanks for the link will check out the tool. True you should evaluate CMS based on specific project and website requirements. I don’t think there is a winner as much as a presentation of the information to help you narrow down your CMS choice.

  • Geoff

    dude your font is way too small

  • Thanks for feedback. I’m thinking of changing it!