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Social Media Tools and Network Inventory

Since I’m a marketing geek I’m always interested in new tools, networks and other communication platforms. Over the past few years I have investigated and used many of the new social media networks and tools to see how well they worked. However I realize now that I have too many accounts and some of them are redundant. Therefore, I am cleaning up some of the accounts listed below but I thought a listing with some notes on why I joined the network and what I liked would be a good start. I will follow up over the next few weeks with comparisons of the sites and why I chose one over the other.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bmcd67
Wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Since I have moved around quite a bit in my life, great way to reconnect with old friends.
MySpace: Deactivated
Had to join to see photo of old friend that office mate told me was online.  Ended up getting a bunch of spam off the account so I deleted it.
LinkedIn: linked.com/bmcd67
Thought it was better than keeping regular resume on file.  Also great way to reconnect with former co-workers.
Delicious: delicious.com/bmcd67
Used to keep track of press hits and articles of interest.
Twitter: twitter.com/bmcd67
First intrigued, then did not understand, then did understand, then did nothing else for several months.
Pandora: pandora.com/people/bmcd67
I’m a huge music buff so this was an instant hit. Like that I can create my own station.
Social Vibe: socialvibe.com/bmcd67
Interesting premise, raise money for charity through clicks but that’s all that’s there. Cool interface.
Ning: http://www.ning.com/
First used as a test for project that migrated elsewhere. Good tool but have only seen a few good sites on it.
Main blogging tool that I use. Good starting place for bloggers that want to write and don’t want to have to learn web site design.
FriendFeed: friendfeed.com/bmcd67
Used this to aggregate all my feeds and social media accounts.
YouTube: youtube.com/bmcd67
Never thought that I would post on YouTube but it’s a great platform for video.
SlideShare: slideshare.net/bmcd67
Use this for storing presentations, integrates with LinkedIn.
Created this account to use for autoposting to several accounts and forgot about it.
Blip.fm: blip.fm/bmcd67
Site allows you to search individual songs and post message at the same time.
Brightkite: brightkite.com/people/bmcd67
Never used this until I got my iPhone with ability to ping my location.
Storyteller: bmcd67.storytlr.com/
Found this before FriendFeed and liked their layout better
FriendFeed: friendfeed.com/bmcd67
Created profile and several rooms. Not a fan of some of their features.
Technorati: technorati.com/people/technorati/bmcd67
Joined when I started blogging. Still trying to gain authority.
Posterous: bmcd67.posterous.com
Recently joined and have posted a few items. Not sure what best application of this tool is.
Slide: bmcd67.slide.com
Found this easiest of the photo apps to use and customize, plus no limit on images.
Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/people/73834932@N00/
Great photo site with ability to create sets. Very easy to embed on other sites as well.
Picasa: picasaweb.google.com/bmcd67
Signed up when started using Google tools but has limits on images.
qik: qik.com/bmcd67
This was the only tool that I could shoot online video with on my BlackBerry in real time. Had problems with controls and naming on BlackBerry, thus half my vids have the same title.
TwitPic: twitpic.com/photos/bmcd67
This is a great simple app that I use all the time.
NetVibes: netvibes.com/bmcd67
Great aggregator tool that allows you to create a portal. Still need to finish this page.

Social Media Case Study: Triangle AMA

Triangle AMAOver the past few weeks I’ve written several articles about member based associations using social media. I thought today’s post would be a good time to reflect on a case study that I personally have been working on over the past year. I serve on the board of the Triangle Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) as the Vice President, Newsletter.

Getting started can be difficult with new technology. As a group we knew we wanted to start a blog, but what do we post on it? My responsibilities as the newsletter editor required writing, editing and laying out the monthly HTML email newsletter. This proved to be the best starting point to put content on the blog.

Blogger was chosen as the blog platform for its ease of use and quick ramp up time. I knew that getting a WordPress blog would be nicer in terms of features but would take more time to get built. Blogger allowed for a quick and easy deployment. The page was modified to include the AMA logo, chapter description and link to the web site.

The site is located at http://triangleama.blogspot.com and includes meeting reviews, photos and interviews from socials, video and multimedia embeds of presentations and podcasts. Additional links to other social media sites and RSS feeds have been added to the layout. Since launching in December of 2008 the site has recorded over 920 unique visitors and 2,440 page views.

Once the blog was set up Twitter was the next obvious choice. Twitter’s simple messaging allows the chapter to communicate upcoming meetings, chapter announcements, blog posts, podcasts, and links. Triangle AMA’s Twitter account @triangleama quickly built a strong following of members and other marketing professionals in our geographic area and over 565 followers.

Triangle AMA’s LinkedIn Group was created in November 2008 and quickly started having members request to join. One of the challenges in creating and launching the group was deciding if the group would be restricted to dues paying members. The decision was made to allow non members to join the group as long as they were marketing professionals based in central and eastern North Carolina. It is important to monitor groups on LinkedIn as we had some people join that were spamming or only interested in selling to our members. This also created the need to write some guidelines for discussions to alert groups members of the purpose of the group and put policy in place. Currently the group has over 575 members and displays content via the chapter’s Twitter, YouTube and blog RSS feeds.

You Tube was selected out of a need to broadcast a phone interview of an upcoming speaker. The audio was matched to simple slide animation with the speaker’s photo, title and company logo as well as a call to action slide with chapter web site URL. The Triangle AMA YouTube channel was set up using some of the materials already developed for Twitter and Blogger. Two original podcast have been created for chapter events with more planned for the upcoming year. Another featured that YouTube offered was to add video clips used during speaker presentations as favorites. These clips have also been embedded in blog posts recapping chapter speaker events. The Triangle AMA YouTube channel has over 420 channel views and 92 videos watched.

Selecting a photo site proved out to be more difficult than expected. One of the hurdles was to create an account that multiple users could login to upload photos and did not have bandwidth restrictions. After some initial testing of Flickr, Slide and Picasa, Slide was chosen. Over a dozen photo albums of for monthly meetings, socials and the 2008 holiday party are viewable. Photo and slideshows are embedded in blog posts for respective events.

Other sites currently under development for Triangle AMA include SlideShare for sharing presentations and creating a portal. The portal would include all chapter content as well as content from AMA Nationals, members, sponsors and other sources.

I want to note that several people were responsible for making this happen for Triangle AMA over the past year. Committee volunteers, board members, guests and members have all participated at various levels including being interviewed by me during socials.