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More Blogging Lessons Learned

Today is Day 25 of my 30 day blogging challenge and I wanted to share some more tips and other wisdom. I have to admit today was a tough motivational day. I still have some topics on my list that I started with at the beginning of the 30 days. But none of them really jumped off the page and inspired me enough to write about the topic.

Staying motivated is a challenge in any process, especially after the “newness” wears off. The first 12 days my energy level really jumped and my brain was buzzing. I was able to have some really clear thoughts on some tough problems because my brain was moving. But after 20 plus days the euphoria can wear off and you are relying on discipline and will to maintain your journey towards the final goal. Of course if I was being paid to write that’s a whole another story. Some of the best motivation has been reading other blogs and meeting a few bloggers both online and in person.

Content is king and finding an interesting topic for you and your readers is tough. I have written posts on topics that I did not have on my initial list which is great as it gave me fresh content such as attending a trade show and speaking at Ignite Raleigh. I think the more active you are the better, and this has been a more active time for me over the past two weeks.

Maintaining a consistent subject matter can be difficult. When I started this blog I wanted to document my work experiences and create an online portfolio. Now I realize that I have been writing about past experiences, current events and topics and where marketing is going. Keeping a marketing and communication focus is important but not required. Tagging also helps keep your blog concise, if you are creating new tags frequently then look at your tags to see if they are relevant to your subject matter.

Blogging is different than writing in many ways. The length of typical blog posts tends to be shorter than newspaper or magazine articles. From a writing perspective I am more used to a longer format to explain the details and influencing factors to the story. Blogging to me seems to be shorter creative burst of ideas without delving too deep into the analysis. Blogs allow us to get a quick gist of the topic and tend to link or relate to another source even within the blog itself.

Well five days left and then I have met my goal. I like that I will be ending on a Friday so I can relax next weekend!

Five Blogging Lessons Learned

Today is day 10 of my 30 Day Blogger Challenge and so I decided to write about five lessons learned so far:
  1. Blogging every single day is a challenge to find the time and creative drive to publish a complete article. Also daily frequency may be too much for any single person to sustain without writing ahead of time or working with other writers to some degree. Also I did not think about weekends but decided to post 30 continuous days versus 30 business days.
  2. I wrote a list of 20 topics that I was interested in writing about before I started. This has been a lifesaver on hectic days or when I just don’t have a driving idea to write about.
  3. I need an editor or better edit my work. Some days I wanted to get the post out and the writing should have been revised.
  4. Getting comments is challenging and I have started to ask questions at the end of each post to engage reader more. Also I’m interested in what others think.
  5. Keeping a focus on marketing or any specific subject matter can be difficult. At times I have been challenge to ask myself, “is this post of interest to marketing professionals or am I just writing about what interest me outside of work?”
Writing everyday does spark your creativity to some degree. I have discovered that some ideas that have been hard to find a good creative message are popping up more frequently. Of course I have the terrible habit of getting the creative idea when I’m driving or doing something that makes documenting it difficult at the time.
I am glad that I did this challenge in that it has given me the opportunity to really learn what blogging is all about. No better way to learn than to just do it!
What blogging and writing challenges do you have and what lessons have you learned?*
*See there’s that comment probing question I mentioned!

The 30 Day Challenge!

I’ve started this blog about nine months ago but have not followed one of the main guidelines that’s in every article, post and tweet about blogging, consistent and frequent posting. I’ve had periods of time where great ideas have hit me but have not been disciplined enough to explore the idea more than that great sense when it comes together in your head. Basically I’m a procrastinator and time eats up the small window for the relevance of my idea or issue. Or I forget exactly what was the spin on that topic…it happens.

So how do you develop a habit of really creating interesting reading on your blog that draws people in? I determined that the best way to kick start my publishing frequency was to challenge myself to writing and posting a blog post for 30 straight days. I have a few objectives lined up during this time period as well. I am going to redesign and possibly combine/delete my other blog into a single one. My wife is creating a new blog to showcase her graphic design portfolio and I am assisting her in getting it launched. I hope to also discover a few new challenges along the way.

Now what’s interesting is that in the past several months I have linked and cross-referenced this blog and other other Web 2.0 sites using RSS and aggregation technology. I’m interested in how this will increase visibility and readership during the next 30 days. At the same time I have a deep feeling in my gut that I’m announcing this during a school assembly and everyone I know is watching.

So if you are willing to read what I’m willing to write for the next 30 days. Leave a comment and let me know what you’re thinking!