Today is day 10 of my 30 Day Blogger Challenge and so I decided to write about five lessons learned so far:
  1. Blogging every single day is a challenge to find the time and creative drive to publish a complete article. Also daily frequency may be too much for any single person to sustain without writing ahead of time or working with other writers to some degree. Also I did not think about weekends but decided to post 30 continuous days versus 30 business days.
  2. I wrote a list of 20 topics that I was interested in writing about before I started. This has been a lifesaver on hectic days or when I just don’t have a driving idea to write about.
  3. I need an editor or better edit my work. Some days I wanted to get the post out and the writing should have been revised.
  4. Getting comments is challenging and I have started to ask questions at the end of each post to engage reader more. Also I’m interested in what others think.
  5. Keeping a focus on marketing or any specific subject matter can be difficult. At times I have been challenge to ask myself, “is this post of interest to marketing professionals or am I just writing about what interest me outside of work?”
Writing everyday does spark your creativity to some degree. I have discovered that some ideas that have been hard to find a good creative message are popping up more frequently. Of course I have the terrible habit of getting the creative idea when I’m driving or doing something that makes documenting it difficult at the time.
I am glad that I did this challenge in that it has given me the opportunity to really learn what blogging is all about. No better way to learn than to just do it!
What blogging and writing challenges do you have and what lessons have you learned?*
*See there’s that comment probing question I mentioned!

Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald started Square Jaw Media to document strategies and techniques he had used over his experience working in marketing and communications since 1990. During this time Brian wrote about many of the exciting Raleigh social media events where great knowledge was being shared and tries to share some of the tips and tricks. . Read Brian's full bio.