I was at a meeting last week where the speakers were asked to list their top three social media sites. Three seemed a somewhat easy number since there are so many social media sites popping up everyday. But when I thought about it, limiting it to three and justifying the choices is more of a challenge. So here are my top three social media networks.

: I have used LinkedIn for some time, almost five years. I started using it when I was looking for a new job and linked the fact that I could refer someone to my online resume without having to create a web site. Since I have moved around a bit and worked with many people dispersed throughout the US and Europe, LinkedIn was a great way to re-establish communication with former co-workers. LinkedIn has added RSS integration, displaying presentations, groups and calendar functionality for greater media integration.
Twitter: I started using Twitter in June of 2008 but did not know how to use it and there was not many people on it or reference material. I sent a few messages and forgot about it until a few months later. While attending an Allman Brothers show I thought that I could tweet the set list since each show is unique and there could be a fan out there wanting to know what the band was playing tonight. That’s all it took, I saw the value of the tool in communicating and building relationships with others like me.

: This is another tool that I have been using for a few years. I started using it solely to keep track of PR hits. By using tags I could get a quick summary of how many times a release or topic had been published. Previously I had created and filed a hard and soft copy, now I could bookmark, tag and save! Lately Delicious has added email capability to send articles and increased its community and contact tools. Plus I love the simplicity and clean design of their interface, no annoying stuff, just the links!
What are your top three social media sites?
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Brian McDonald

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