.co domains are now availablePrior to 2011 the .CO domain was the Internet country code for Colombia.  Now it is available to the general public to purchase.  It is possible that the .CO extension will be as widely used as .COM due to its similarity and opportunity for global branding.There are several reasons why purchasing a .co for your company and brand names makes sense:

  • Brand stewardship:  Owning your brand names with the most popular extensions gives you control of the domain and reduces spammers and other malicious use.  With mainstream advertising by GoDaddy for .CO there should be large amount of .CO domain registrations over the next few years.
  • Global Branding: .CO is a natural extension of company’s brand to a universally understandable and relevant domain.  It can be used for a global website or a community site to give instant recognition.
  • Link Shortening:  Recent technology changes along with the nature of sharing information across networks and users has given rise to URL shortening services like bit.ly and tinyurl.  The .CO domain can be use with a short brand name to create a custom link shortening tool that captures analytics as well as perpetuates the brand name.

Check out and o.co as examples.

Brian McDonald

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