How AT&T Could Have Used Social Media During Crisis 2

Posted on 25, January 2013

in Category Digital Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strategy

AT&T U-verse outage demonstrates lack of social media marketing and public relations

This week AT&T had a massive outage of its U-verse network that offers voice, digital cable and high speed Internet to consumers and businesses. This most recent fiasco has further tarnished the AT&T brand that it appears the company has either given up on PR and customer service or does not have a strong and savvy management team in place to deal with the challenges of being a major communications company. In the most recent chapter of the ongoing AT&T saga, a total lack of understanding of the ability to communicate to customers, media and the public was evident. With social [&hellip

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10 Tips for Searching for Jobs Online 3

Posted on 30, September 2010

in Category Strategy

Employers are leaving the world of print media behind by posting their jobs exclusively online. They are advertising on message boards, through social networks and on huge job posting sites. Businesses also advertise on their own websites where applicants from all over the world can vie for the best positions. Here are some tips to help you find that perfect new job. Find the site – There are numerous sites available to find your next position. You can go to, Indeed, SnagAJob or CareerBuilder. Each site lists thousands of opportunities, from entry level to executive. Within each site there [&hellip

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8 Subtle Ways to Make Yourself Look More Professional 8

Posted on 23, August 2010

in Category Marketing, Social Media, Strategy

Self employed workers have their hands full juggling multiple roles every day, so keeping a professional appearance can be challenging at times. Freelancers and so-called “one man bands” already struggle when it comes to competing with large corporations. It is hard to answer the phones, take out the trash and still create awesome presentations and competitive proposals. To win contracts and jobs from corporations that are accustomed to dealing with other large companies, solo workers need all the help they can get. Here are 8 subtle ways to make yourself look more professional when selling yourself and your business to [&hellip

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What Makes a Brand? 5

Posted on 22, March 2010

in Category Marketing

Last week I attended the Triangle AMA CMO panel, a great event with four Chief Marketing Officers from SAS, Concord Hospitality, Cheerwine and Genworth Financial.  One of the presenters, Jim Davis, SAS CMO, said something that really hit home.  Jim stated that your company’s brand is not the logo but what is felt and the customers’ reaction.  I could not agree with him more and so many times I find the wrong use of brand terminology and the true meaning. I hear many times a request to, “put more branding,” on a marketing piece or campaign.  This conjures up an [&hellip

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How Important is Your Online Brand Reputation? 5

Posted on 16, December 2009

in Category Events, SEO, Social Media, Strategy

SEO Meetup had another great meeting last night at Media Two on Your Brand Presence & Managing it Online.  Phil Buckley @1918 and Morgan Siem @morgansiem presented some timely and relevant examples on the topic.  Phil began with the concept of that with social media and powerful search engines like Google, our lives are online in some form or another.  Our personal and professional brands are easily scanned, judged and interacted with online as much as in real life with more of the little people getting a bigger voice in the conversation.  So how do you manage our online brand? [&hellip

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