Last year Twitter was all abuzz about Yahoo! possibly shutting down Delicious the social bookmarking site. Myself along with several other quickly voiced our frustration with Yahoo! Within 15 minutes we were tweeting instructions on how to download your bookmarks and debating what site to migrate to. Eventually Yahoo! did sell Delicious to AVOS systems in April of this year.

About a month ago I logged into Delicious and noticed that the front page had changed. Gone was the clean and simple interface of links that I was accustomed to. Now the front page looked like every other media and news aggregator on the web. I know that people love pictures and I do as well, but I was not digging the change. Frustrated, I pondered once again about migrating my links to one of the other bookmarking sites.

I’m glad that I did not give up on Delicious. Upon further investigation I found that the new design offered some interesting new features to make my links come off the page more. Also the new stacking feature allows you to group links and display them in different layouts. Previously grouping links was done through what Delicious called link bundles. The bundles allowed you to group links but I found it unnecessary and just more work. Unless I was sharing link bundles there was not much benefit in grouping links that I could aggregate via the individual tags.

With stacking you are grouping links in a stack (i.e. bundle) but the big difference is now you can choose from and I’ll explain and provide a sample of each in this post.  The example I’ll be using is the stack I created for the recent Internet Summit held in Raleigh.

List View

Delicious Link View
List view is the traditional view of links, with description and tags that the legacy version of Delicious displayed.  This is bookmarking at it’s most basic, text, links and tags.  Nothing fancy here but good view if you’re a text scanner like me.

Grid View

Delicious Grid View

Grid view is the view that many news and aggregator sites use these days.  The grid view snags a photo or image from the page and creates a large thumbnail.  Some links will create a thumbnail of the whole page. Delicious should take a hint from LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook where you can scroll through possible images to use.  Grid view is good view if you want to create a more visually appealling stack.

Full View

Delicious Full View

Full view uses the same thumbnail as grid view in the left column and then displays the title, link URL and any description text in the main column.  If you take the time to enter descriptions into your links or if the site uses excerpts this is a good option to list view.

Media View

Delicious Media View Scroll Bar

Media view is good to use if most of your links are videos, presentations or photo libraries.  This view will not include all links like blog posts or basic web pages unless they have rich media embedded on the page.  Media view uses a left/right scroll bar for the thumbnails with the selected link media played below.

Some other observations from creating Delicious stacks:

  • You can create a header for the stack that includes either text or images.  At this time you cannot upload images, you must select images from one of your linked pages.  Test different images as Delicious will stretch and center the images and sometimes you get a grainy, messy result.

Delicious Stack Header

  • There is a comment box that you can enter text in below the header image with some basic formatting options.
  • I have not been able to determine what view is he default for the stack.  It appears that the full view is used but I was able to set the media view but could not replicate it.
  • Once you create a stack you can then share the stack via email with the share link on the main stack page.  I’m surprised there’s not more social sharing options/buttons.  Let’s hope to see them in future releases.
Delicious also has a nice video (who doesn’t these days, right?) that demonstrates how to create stacks.
So what are you waiting for, go create your Delicious stack and share it with me in the comments along with any tips, tricks, likes and fails you discover.

Brian McDonald

Brian McDonald started Square Jaw Media to document strategies and techniques he had used over his experience working in marketing and communications since 1990. During this time Brian wrote about many of the exciting Raleigh social media events where great knowledge was being shared and tries to share some of the tips and tricks. . Read Brian's full bio.