Smart YouTube Video Captions Improve On-Page SEO 0

Posted on 10, December 2013

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Using YouTube video captions you can boost your blog SEO.

YouTube added automatic captions this year and it’s an important feature for several reasons.  If you’re not familiar with video captions, it is basically the transcript of the video dialog or narration shown at the bottom of the screen.  In the past you would have to supply the caption copy or pay someone to do it. Now YouTube automatically creates captions when you upload videos. Why Video Captions are Important Video captions were created for hearing impared but have a huge amount of digital utility.  By capturing the transcript as text you can append blog posts and webpages that have [&hellip

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How AT&T Could Have Used Social Media During Crisis 2

Posted on 25, January 2013

in Category Digital Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strategy

AT&T U-verse outage demonstrates lack of social media marketing and public relations

This week AT&T had a massive outage of its U-verse network that offers voice, digital cable and high speed Internet to consumers and businesses. This most recent fiasco has further tarnished the AT&T brand that it appears the company has either given up on PR and customer service or does not have a strong and savvy management team in place to deal with the challenges of being a major communications company. In the most recent chapter of the ongoing AT&T saga, a total lack of understanding of the ability to communicate to customers, media and the public was evident. With social [&hellip

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8 Daily Digital Marketing Challenges 2

Posted on 3, January 2013

in Category Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Strategy

Not as hard os POTUS but Digital Marketing is hard work

It’s not as difficult as being President of the United States, but digital marketing is hard work. Most people think we just play on social media all day and create a few web pages. I wish that was true. Digital marketing is a fun career choice but can be very challenging due to several factors. Digital marketing is in a state of constant change. Search engine result pages (SERPs) change more than 75% on a daily basis.  New social networks and tools pop up every few days.  Just when you think you’ve figured it out Facebook announces privacy changes or [&hellip

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Content Marketing Automation and Integration 2

Posted on 23, October 2012

in Category Digital Media, Marketing, Social Media, Strategy

Content marketing automation and integration

Content Automation and Integration from Brian McDonald With all the digital media channels out there you can spend a huge amount of time curating and sharing content across multiple social networks and channels.  Integrating content across networks and channels via an automation strategy can save time and money spent doing repetitive tasks.  But I want to note that this is not an all or none strategy and should not be adopted for all your communication.  Instead I approach content automation as a strategy to integrate original content with curated content in order to develop a stream of content. Some of [&hellip

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11 Things You Should Know About Raleigh | Ignite Raleigh 3 2

Posted on 3, April 2012

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Ignite Raleigh 3

Last time I did Ignite Raleigh I have to admit I was more nervous than I was this time around.  There is no doubt that practice makes perfect and it helps your confidence when you have 20 slides and 5 minutes in front of 500+ to speak your peace! I want to thank Ignite Raleigh crew (@therab, @timarthur, @damondnollan, @lisasullivan) for selecting me to speak on this topic that I had a lot of fun with.  I really had a great time on stage and enjoyed doing Ignite Raleigh again.  I highly recommend this to anyone that is passionate or just [&hellip

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